Unitus Approach

We focus on getting more money into the pockets of the poor through their own efforts … which then empowers them to make choices on how to improve their lives.

Our Strategic Framework

Unitus approaches poverty alleviation opportunities with a strategic framework:

  • Innovate: Seek out an innovative contribution
  • Invest: Function as an investor and supporter, not an operator
  • Scale: Pursue opportunities with potential for impacting millions of working poor families
  • Take Risk: Take risk to prove efficacy of our methods and linkages so that others will follow in our tracks
  • Catalyze: Attract capital markets to areas where the market doesn’t exist or is broken
  • Exit:  Exit from donor funded activities when we perceive we’ve reached (or won’t reach) a tipping point

Our Tactics

Unitus accelerates the development and adoption of innovative, market-based solutions to global poverty through the following principles:

  • Identify significant opportunities that reduce global poverty and draw upon Unitus’ strengths to make a unique contribution and impact on the lives of millions
  • Set ambitious multi-year goal(s)
  • Setup the optimal structure for each effort and recruit strong teams to lead execution
  • Raise, deploy and mobilize philanthropic and investment capital to fulfill Unitus’ goals
  • Effectively measure and evaluate social impact and success, and pursue new opportunities once our catalytic role has been fulfilled and an underlying infrastructure has been established

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