Unitus FAQ

Q: Who is Unitus?

Unitus is a federation of enterprises with a common mission to reduce global poverty through economic self-empowerment. More about Unitus group members >

Q: What does Unitus do?

Unitus incubates breakthrough ideas and then launches the best ones as new for-profit ventures which have potential to catalyze new or more efficient markets to provide economic opportunities to those living at the base of the economic pyramid in developing countries. More about Unitus approach >

Q. Who leads Unitus?

Unitus is structured as a federation with each entity having its own leadership and governance structure.

Unitus Labs founders and board members have been key funders and philanthropic investors in efforts to harness market forces to create economic self-empowerment opportunities for base of the economic pyramid families. Unitus leaders believe that market-based solutions offer the potential to eradicate poverty far faster than traditional philanthropy alone. To ensure full alignment with our mission, Unitus Labs board members donate to and invest in Unitus projects with no potential for personal gain.

Q: Why is Unitus structured as a federation?

Unitus believes that small, capable, empowered teams are able to accomplish more without the “overhead” of a large organizational bureaucracy. So, we take an entrepreneurial approach to finding and supporting entrepreneurs. Team also share best practices, learnings, leads and advice on a continuous basis.

Q: What are the active Unitus ventures?

Unitus Labs, Unitus Capital, Unitus Equity Fund, Unitus Impact and Unitus Ventures (formerly Unitus Seed Fund). More on each Unitus venture >

Q: What does Unitus do in microfinance?

Unitus Capital advises and raises capital for MFIs. Unitus Equity Fund invests in MFIs. Unitus Labs previously provided support and capital for MFIs. More about Unitus initiatives >

Q: How can I help Unitus with its mission?

  1. Donate to help cover Unitus Labs (non-profit) incubation operational costs and new venture seed funding.
  2. Invest in Unitus ventures — please contact teams at Unitus Impact, Unitus CapitalUnitus Ventures and Elevar Equity.
  3. Follow and promote Unitus family news and activities on Facebook and Twitter.