Unitus Investment Management

Unitus Investment Management manages investments in poverty impact businesses

Structure & Governance

Unitus Investment Management (UIM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit incorporated in the State of Washington in the USA. UIM is a supporting organization for Unitus Labs.

The current board members of UIM are:

Mike Murray (Chairman and President)
Joseph Grenny (Secretary)
Tim Stay (Treasurer and Vice-President)

The board members are not compensated and do not have any potential for personal financial benefit from UIM.

Mission-Related Activities & Assets

UIM current mission-related activities include:

  • Manager of Unitus Equity Fund LP, an early-stage microfinance venture fund
  • Strategic investor in Unitus Impact, an investment management company focused on creating improved livelihood opportunities for millions of poor workers in developing countries
  • Strategic investor in Unitus Ventures (formerly Unitus Seed Fund) LLC, a holding company for seed stage investments in early-stage businesses in developing countries which have potential for substantial poverty impact

UIM assets include:


Per USA GAAP requirements, UIM financials are consolidated into Unitus Labs financials

2011 Unitus Investment Management IRS Form 990 (PDF)

2010 Unitus Investment Management IRS Form 990 (PDF)

2009 Unitus Investment Management IRS Form 990 (PDF)