Partner Spotlight: An Interview with Adet Kachi

November 1, 2009 Posted by Unitus Labs, Update

In 2006, Adet Kachi became CEO of Yehu Microfinance Trust, a Unitus partner serving the rural areas of coastal Kenya. This October, we were pleased to arrange for Adet to visit Equitas, a Unitus partner based in Chennai, India, as well as attend the 2009 Unitus Leadership Summit. We recently sat down with Adet to learn more about his vision for Yehu and for the wider microfinance landscape.

Q: We’ve just wrapped up the Summit. What were your impressions, as a first-time attendee?

A: The conference was great—very enlightening, very informative. The areas that were carefully selected were relevant, at least for us as an institution. It was good exposure to get to know how others are doing things and issues that they’re grappling with and at what levels.

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