Unitus Capital is lead advisor on Leapfrog’s $15M investment in Shriram

September 8, 2011 Posted by Press Release, Unitus Capital

Leapfrog invests USD $15 million in Shriram in a strategic partnership to serve 10 million people in India

LeapFrog Investments today announced a $15 million investment into Shriram CCL in a ground-breaking deal that will extend high quality insurance, savings, and investment products to the underserved Indian market. With LeapFrog’s injection of significant new capital and expertise, Shriram CCL is expected to reach, protect and enable 10 million people in India. The Shriram Group, which has served low-income customers since 1974, is the first provider of financial services to over 98% of its customers. The investment thus marks an important step forward in the march towards financial inclusion in India, and an exemplary leap for the country’s agenda of inclusive growth.

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