Unitus Capital raises $3m equity for Arman Financial

November 25, 2011 Posted by Press Release, Unitus Capital

Eric Savage, Co-Founder & President of Unitus Capital, commented “Unitus Capital is honored to be part of this transaction, which is a rare instance of private placement of equity in an MFI which is listed and actively traded. Arman is a high-quality institution with many years of lending experience in Western India, a highly under penetrated region for microfinance. The immense latent business potential, strong leadership, eminent Board, diversified product suite, deposit-taking NBFC license and strong processes collectively contribute towards Arman being an upcoming industry leader. Add to this the fact that it is one of the few MFIs in India listed on the BSE and having the support of a global microfinance stalwart like Incofin, Arman is poised to shine in the coming years.” Unitus Capital is the financial advisor, structurer and arranger to Arman.

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