Unitus Launches Financial Services Firm: Unitus Capital

July 24, 2008 Posted by Press Release, Unitus Capital, Unitus Labs

Unitus Launches Financial Services Firm to Channel Capital to Social Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets

Unitus Capital Receives $5.5 Million in Initial Round of Seed Funding

Bangalore, India and Seattle, Washington, July 24, 2008 – Unitus, Inc., today announced the launch of Unitus Capital, one of the first financial advisory firms designed to meet the investment needs of social entrepreneurs serving the bottom of the economic pyramid. Unitus Capital is the transformation of the capital markets group of Unitus, Inc., which has secured debt and equity financing for 14 Unitus microfinance institution (MFI) partners across six countries since 2001. With $5.5 million in initial seed funding from private investors including WEGA Support GmbH, Robert Gay, co-founder and CEO of H&G Capital Partners and former managing director of Bain Capital, and William S. Price III, Founding Partner of Texas Pacific Group, Unitus Capital will operate as an independent for-profit organization, and remain a strategic affiliate of Unitus, Inc. Unitus Capital will serve as a conduit between capital market investors and social entrepreneurs focused on creating social and financial value for investors, MFIs, social enterprises, and the communities they serve. With more than 60 years of combined investment banking, financial services, and microfinance experience, the Unitus Capital team targets a rapidly growing social investment sector.

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