Unitus Ventures augments fund II with INR 75cr from SIDBI

August 18, 2020 Posted by Press Release, Unitus Ventures

August 18th, Bengaluru: Unitus Ventures has secured an investment of INR 75cr (USD 10 Mn) under SIDBI’s Fund of Funds for Startups initiative enabled by the Government of India. This will strengthen the deployment of its second fund, which was launched in 2018. Unitus Ventures Fund II has a sharp focus on innovative startups creating technology platforms that connect millions of job seekers with appropriate employment opportunities.

Unitus has built a strong portfolio in this emerging job-tech sector. As an example, imparting programming skills of a high order that makes college graduates and dropouts alike ready for the most challenging software development jobs is a huge opportunity. With an investment of INR 8.5 Cr (USD 1.1 Mn) in Masai School, an early leader in this space, Unitus continues to strengthen its job-tech portfolio.

Raj and Indra Nooyi, former Partner, PRTM Management Consultants and former CEO of PepsiCo respectively, Lakshmi Narayanan, former vice-chairman and CEO of Cognizant, are some of the new investors who join existing investors such as Gates Ventures family office, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Hemendra Kothari in Fund II.

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